Top Pediatricians Have 4 Legs?

Written By Bruce Chiropractic Center on August 23, 2012

Good Afternoon Everyone,

      Want to know how to minimize a newborn's allergies and/or respiratory tract illnesses?  All you have to do is get a dog if you don't already have one.  According to a recent study in the Pediatrics journal; having a dog that spends half the day outside and the other half inside, helps improve a newborn's immune system and overall health.  Here's the statistics from the study for children with dogs at home:

  • 31% fewer respiratory tract infections
  • 44% fewer ear infections
  • 29% fewer courses of antibiotics
      The study specifically comments on having a dog that spends half the day outside in the dirt and grass.  That way, the dog brings all of that inside in the evenings for the newborn immune system to enjoy.  So basically, this study just found a different way of saying that an immune system exposed to more germs becomes stronger in time than one that is shielded from those germs.

Take Home Message:
     Health seems to coming right back to the basics in the research.  Want to feel better?... - eat healthier and exercise (or get yourself moving)!    Want a stronger immune system for your kids?... - follow what Grandma says and let those kids play outside in the dirt!!

     *It seems that researchers could save a lot of time and money by just listening to what our elders have been saying for years!

Yours in Health,

Dr. Jeff

Respiratory Tract Illnesses During the First Year of Life:  Effect of Dog and Cat.  Pediatrics Volume 130, Number 2, August 2012.


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