Sluggish Bowel Movements? Read This

Written By Bruce Chiropractic Center on September 20, 2012

(This week's blog is a needed repeat given some questions that have been coming up in the office)

Please enjoy again!

Good Evening Everyone!
       In recent weeks, we've talked a lot about nutrition and digestion.  So with this week's topic, we're going over how to make sure our elimination is working the best it possibly can.  That's right folks....this week we are going to talk about bowel movements and how to make sure that you have them regularly and in good form.  Having proper bowel movements is very important to our health and can be fairly simple to maintain.
       First, you have to maintain a high level of water in your diet ( 1/2 oz. for every pound that you weigh per day).  You should try to drink your water at room temperature for best absorption and other liquids(drinks) do not qualify as water (you need good old plain water). 
       Second, you should have a consistent level of fiber in your diet.  If you think that you're getting enough fiber in your diet because you have a bran muffin and some "fiber cereal," you would be wrong.  Fact is, that most (if not all) Americans don't have enough fiber in their diets (because of the cooking and processing of foods).  The best way to know you're getting the fiber you need is to use fiber supplements (fiber powder or fiber pills).
1)  Start with the recommended dosage from the bottle that you have purchased.
2)  ALWAYS TAKE THE FIBER AT THE SAME TIME (give or take 15 minutes) EACH DAY!!
3)  Do Not take fiber only when constipated as you will probably not get the results you are looking for, and you'll then think that taking fiber doesn't help.  Take fiber everyday.
4)  Read Rule #2 again and actually follow it!!!!  It really works great for the digestive and elimination system of your body

Note:  If you are just starting to take fiber, allow for 2-4 weeks before any real changes in your bowel movements are seen. 

Yours in Health,

Dr. Jeff
Bruce Chiropractic Center

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