Beef's Big Come Back!

Written By Bruce Chiropractic Center on September 26, 2012

Good Evening Everyone!

      I'm glad to report that after many years of being beat-up in the news and labeled as one of the major causes of heart disease, beef has figured out a way to make a come back.  These cows have set out to clear their name and prove to everyone that they can be just has healthy as eating salmon and chicken.  "How?," you might be asking.... 
      Well, cows have decided to get back to their roots and started eating grass again as their source of nutrition.  They've decided to go on strike against many of their owners who have made them eat grains because they were cheaper (and would make them larger faster).  Now, these grass-fed cows have completely changed their image and have become much like salmon;  They're low in bad/saturated fat and high in good/omega-3 fat.  Another plus is that they are much higher in vitamin E.

*So if you have decided to not eat beef because of the health risks, I am happy to report that grass-fed beef will allow you to enjoy it again!

Yours in Health,

Dr. Jeff     

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