Common Drug Increases Risk of Heart Disease!!

Written By Bruce Chiropractic Center on October 24, 2012

Good Morning Everyone!
      This one goes out to everyone out there that's on a statin drug for lowering cholesterol.  Recent studies in medical journals have indicated that statins are associated with a 52% increase in calcified coronary plaque when compard to non-users of the drug!!!  You read right..... your "cholesterol/heart disease reducing" medication is now being seen to increase your risk of death from heart disease!  Rule of thumb with heart disease is to avoid anything that increases your chance of arterial wall plaque, so according to these recent studies... statin drugs would now fall into that category.
Actions to take from this:
  • Make sure to bring this concern up to your medical doctor, as they would be able to counsel you on getting off the drug if need be.
  • Again... Make sure to eat healthy!!  low sugar/sweets, low saturated fats, high good omega-3 fats, low glycemic foods, 
  • Exercise... This helps tremedously with reducing your risk for heart disease.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Jeff 

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