Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes!

Written By Bruce Chiropractic Center on February 27, 2013

Good Afternoon Everyone,

     I've had a recent patient bring up a foot pain that she'd been having for over two years!  She had constant severe pain in her foot/toes which was holding her back from many different activities.  She had been to many different doctors about this problem over the past years, but did not have any success in resolving it.  So she figured why not bring it up to me as a last hope before she had to do some sort of surgery.
      This was a great decision, because the foot was feeling 80% better within a couple adjustments.  On my end, the problem was a simple one.... The bones/joints in the foot were moving correctly and were in the wrong alignment.  This simple problem became a very big one for this patient when she was continuing to walk everyday on a foot that wasn't working properly.  Now, this patient is beginning to walk with little to no pain and is able to exercise again.

So the take-home message this week is to make sure and bring up all areas of the body that are causing you pain or problem.  Chances are that I'll be able to take care of it completely or at least help improve it without drugs or surgery!

Yours in Health,

Dr. Jeff

P.S.  Just a reminder that we are moving our location to 203 W. Atlantic Ave., Haddon Heights, NJ (This is the Freight Station on the corner of Station and W. Atlantic Ave).  This is beginning on Monday, March 4th.  We will be there for a few months until the home office that I have been working on is ready. 

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